AlfaOne is a full-service travel and luxury concierge company that offers A to Z trip planning, event planning & management, home shopping & special items delivery, hotel and villa bookings, on-call butler services, dining and activity recommendations, restaurant bookings, and fully tailored programs.

Our team spans 3 continents and can speak nearly 10 languages, which allows us to fully immerse ourselves in a global market.

AlfaOne is very well-known in the industries of travel, restaurants, and special items. We’ve received recognition from many of our suppliers and constantly engage with our network to ensure we maintain the best relationships.

Discretion and privacy are our priority:

We’ve managed experiences for high-end business persons, members of royal families throughout the GCC, and every day shoppers & travelers, and we take delicate care to protect and ensure your privacy throughout your entire experience.

We also place luxury and security above all else.

Relationships are our specialty:

We’e developed and nurtured relationships with vendors, establishments, and private exclusive item distributors around the globe.

This has allowed us to work directly from start to finish on each request to ensure the utmost client satisfaction.

For new clients

P:+44 7980 000222

Social Media

IG: @alfaoneconcierge
SC: @alfaone11

The details matter:

We pay careful attention to the little things — because they matter.

We’ve tied ourselves into some of the world’s fascinating brands of luxury items, from handbags to jewelry, shoes to watches.

From unique accommodation requests to limited edition items and everything in between, we persistently focus on what matters to ensure you have the best experience.